We've Worked On a lot of Rockets

With over 40 years of combined experience, RocketBit's team has worked with a lot of clients – big and small.

Some Clients We’ve Worked With

Our Specialty Tech Stack

We prefer the VPRE (pronounced Viper) stack. Although there are many popular stacks out there, we think this one is the most resourceful and robust stack. Not only can it do almost anything, but we also excel at it!

The stack consists of VueJS, a versatile and reactive Javascript library for the front-end; Phoenix, a maintainable web framework that is optimized for performance; RethinkDB, a scalable open source database; Elixir, a modern back-end language built on the strength and reliability of Erlang.

The Other Technology We’re Proficient With

Highlighted Projects


Alertra came to us with an outdated, monolithic Rails app built on top of their stellar, incredibly fast API. We built a single-page application using AngularJS that immediately increased customer engagement. Alertra has a clean, efficient UI that presents data in an intelligible way and helps the user make use of the tools available to them, including Webhook integrations with services such as Slack, PagerDuty, and others, and a custom report generator that helps users understand what is affecting their website uptime.


We switched the back-end technology stack of Qeaql from a JavaScript based stack to the Elixir language and the accompanying Phoenix Framework in order to increase productivity. The result was clean code with built-in testing, and much more rapid development of features and bug fixes with a Continuous Deployment pipeline.


Quizody is a technology experiment dealing with real-time updates. The web application can be used simultaneously from multiple devices to display the quiz board and control the game, with all updates happening in real-time web sockets and NoSQL document-based database technology.


We introduced coding standards in order to clean up the code base and help with finding bugs. This lead to the discovery of serious security flaws that the team could later act on in order to secure user data.

People Like Our Work

I had the opportunity to work closely with Beejay in the trenches of developing a new platform with bleeding edge technology under one of the most unrealistic timelines we’ve faced. Beejay not only worked around the clock to fulfill his commitment, he did so with the calmness and patience of someone I’ve never seen before. I strongly recommend Beejay for someone you want on your side when you’re in the trenches and making technical commitments that require strong development skills with a pleasant and optimistic attitude. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Patrick Callahan

Co-Founder, CompassRed

Beejay is an exceptional Developer/Designer with an eye for detail. His drive to go above and beyond requirements set him apart in my mind almost immediately. Some of the cool experiments he created made a impact on the platform far greater than the simple elegance that they initially presented. (For example, a small javascript tutorial that walked you through a process, saved us from having to explain it over and over).

Additionally, Beejay is a very patient manager and always had time to both manage a project and its resources, and to keep the client up to date on the status of their investment. Additionally, he balanced that with creating new ideas for products. I cannot recommend his work more highly.

Alexander Ward

Sr. Web Developer, ONEsite

I know Beejay initially from his time at OneSite and subsequently from engagements with Grand Parade.

You’d expect a certain quality of work, an attention to detail from someone with his experience and Beejay exceeds those expectations on a consistent basis.

I would work with Beejay again should the opportunity arise, mainly due to his professionalism, his entrepreneurialist eye and because he is a great guy.

Jan Paul Ettles

Senior Application Security Specialist, GrandParade/BetFair

Beejay is a true renaissance man–with deep knowledge ranging from absolute mastery of JavaScript, the DOM and browser quirks, to incredible natural talent with dozens of musical instruments and musical production to being able to tell you the engine displacement of any car on the road.

Although he is a brilliant and passionate technologist, his ego is fortunately tempered by being an incredibly thoughtful and compassionate human being. He is one of the most genuinely nice people you will ever meet and a terrific team leader.

ONEsite had the privilege of utilizing Beejay for a number of roles during the 3 years he was with us. He grew with the company and pushed our front-end capabilities and was also a great asset in our professional services group. We were truly sorry to see him spirited away by a UK digital agency but know that the global experience will serve him well.

Beejay can accomplish anything he puts his mind to and he will go far in the world. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Andrew Kenney

VP Engineering, Klaviyo

The Other Projects We’ve Done

Our team consists of developers, designers, and marketers that have done work for various companies, on various companies, whether alone or in teams. Here are some more projects we’ve done or contributed to.

MyNext – Mobile task manager
The National Picture – 2012 election results with real-time updates (Made to top 5 apps in iOS App Store; no longer available)
ScreenSizer – Mobile app that helps you decide the best TV size to buy for a room using the camera. (No longer available)
equivaQ Atlas –  (Data Visualization for product and part status)
First Friday –  a technology pilot based around BTLE technology and user location. (company no longer exists)
Brewer’s Ball – Mobile App for organizing beer.
Deloitte – Private software for feeding raw data into an interactive infographic.
DidWeMakeAmericaGreatAgainYet.com – Website for people to vote on whether we’ve “made America great again.”
Dominus – A fun and addictive browser strategy game.
QEAQL Link – Link shortening service made for QEAQL.
MoneyBot – Automatic forex trading bot.
David Ray Services – Website and Marketing strategy consulting for a landscaping service in Georgia.
Season Seeker – A website for finding hunting regulations on a nice interactive map.
Liquid Vapor Outlet – An eCommerce store for vaping related supplies.
Sackrace – a funny little race game.
& many more!